The Omani economy is witnessing significant development in all sectors spearheaded by diversification programs, low interest rates and extended support to small and medium sector. Increased exports led manufacturing, major thrust on ports, transportation, tourism and real estate and increased focus towards the private sector have contributed enormously towards Oman becoming a favoured and favourable investors’ destination. This coupled with the government’s Vision 2020 puts Oman on a path of steady growth, with a marked shift towards development of services and non-oil based industries.

The 2nd Banking & Finance Expo is an innovative landmark, which aims to annually convene Omani, and global industry leaders to boost economic development and facilitate greater investment flows between the government and private sector. Islamic finance brings several key value propositions; most notably in the areas of enabling infrastructure finance, boosting international trade & investment flows, and deepening financial inclusion. It would serve as a discussion forum that would strengthen the link between bankers, and industry.

In current economic climate with oil prices, most banks and financial institutions have been careful in lending to reliable opportunities. The forum will address the strategy for this new era of challenges and opportunities.